Conversations Radio Network launches Music Mix, Sat. July 9th

With the lau13617629_10154136171916265_1758464939_nnch of Conversations Radio Network media personality Cyrus Webb began a new chapter of being able to inspire, motivate, encourage and entertain through the power of the airwaves. Joining him on the journey are fellow radio personalities Earl Hall, Gail Ambeau, Vicki Abelson, Dan O’Brien and Glenda L. Hunter, each bringing their own unique programs to the station.

“I personally chose each of these host because I believe they reflect what I am all about: bringing our own personal best to everything we do,” says Webb, whose show Conversations LIVE is a part of the station’s regular programming. But Conversations Radio Network is not just about great conversations. It’s also about great content, and that includes music.

“The music you will hear on Conversations Radio Network is the music you will hear me playing in my home, while working out or on the go,” says Webb. “A lot of it is from the guests I have interviewed over the years that have become a part of my life. Other artists are those I am introduced to through social media.” Every day of the week Conversations Radio Network will feature music by established artists as well as those on the rise. Through the website the listener can even purchase the music as it is being played, giving the artist the opportunity to not just get hear but to increase their visibility and sales, too.

On Saturday July 9th from 2-6p.m. eastern (1-5p.m. ct/11-3p.m. pt) Webb will host a special block of programming on Conversations Radio Network, allowing the world to get a taste of the artists and music that will be featured on the network—as well as letting artists know how they can be featured on the station as well.

“This is a way for us to help get great music heard by the masses,” says Webb. “That is what Conversations has always been about, and that will continue on the network.”

Join Webb Saturday July 9th for this special musical mix at and download the TuneIn app so you can take Conversations with you wherever you might be.

Conversations: Feeding your love of life!


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