Tessanne Chin: Using the gift of her voice to touch the world

Many know her as Season 5 winner of NBC’s hit show The Voice, but even before capturing the big prize on that platform Tessanne Chin knew she had a gift inside of her that she wanted to share. Since capturing the world’s attention Tessanne has gone on to garner a fan base from coast to coast in the United States and beyond—with the new single LOVE SUICIDE released in February 2016 she is showing that she’s just getting started.

“It’s an incredible journey,” Tessanne told me during our recent conversation. Referring to her fans and the people who have been there for her along the way she added: “There is no way I could have continued to do this and have a career without the support. I am so grateful.”

In 2014 she released the album “Count On My Love”, one of my favorite singles from the project is ALWAYS TOMORROW.  I asked her if that single captured how she looks at life. Tessanne told me she has grown since that project, and with that growth she has come to understand a simple truth: “We only have right now,” she says. “It’s something that keeps me going. Yesterday is gone. All we have is to stay in this moment. It’s a constant thing to remember to stay present.” With so many thing pulling for all of our attention, she says she has to talk with herself sometimes, reminding herself to try and stay present. “I believe in always looking at what you do have… Focus on what we do have.”

That attitude about life is something that her fans appreciate, as well as her humility in the face of all that she has accomplished and continues to accomplish. Tessanne says she is able to stay grounded because of her upbringing. “Growing up in Jamaica we’re not frightened by fame,” she explains. That means it is kept in its place and doesn’t become all-encompassing. “When you do realize that it’s a wonderful opportunity” she adds it’s easy to focus on what is truly important. “You have to realize what is real in life and what is solid and what will always be the same.”

Get LOVE SUICIDE by Tessanne on Amazon here:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BCXLI68/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk1  Stay connected with her through her website www.officialtessannechin.com.

Listen to my conversation with Tessanne Chin on Conversations LIVE below.


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