REVIEW: The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom by Terrence “J” Jenkins

I have been an admirer of Terrence J’s work ethic since 2006, but after reading his book THE WEALTH OF MY MOTHER’S WISDOM I must say I have a new appreciation for what he has achieved and those who he has inspired. This is a book that without a doubt every man should have in his collection. It is not just his story. It’s the pearls of wisdom passed down to him from his mother and the way he has used them to forge his own path.
Terrence J allows the reader to take a journey with him through his life, going back to how his mother saw being a single mom as an opportunity and not a disadvantage as well as what it really means to be a father in a child’s life. At the age of 10 Terrence J created a vision board and the seeds were planted as to what he could do and the person he could become.

His mother (who we also hear from throughout the book) was a motivator and a person that allowed the example she set to be the biggest lesson her son would need. Terrence writes this: “She helped me understand that I didn’t have to be popular, I didn’t have to try to be everyone’s friend. In life she showed me it’s more important to keep your team tight, your friendships close, and work with people that have the same goals and vision as you.” That was something that he never forgot, and though Terrence would wrestle with his own insecurities and what others told him he couldn’t do, he would move forward: becoming stronger, wiser and more determined.

Terrence realized that there was more to life than just having a job. He had a passion that needed to be fed. Taking leaps of faith he has been able to feed his passion and inspire others along the way. When tragedy struck in Haiti we read about how he knew he wanted to do something, so he used his platform to raise awareness for the needs of others…

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