REVIEW: Hillbilly Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

I was immediately interested in the book HILLBILLY HEART by Billy Ray Cyrus as soon as I heard about it. He has lived a life that I believe exemplifies what it means to work hard and see it pay off for you in a very big way. The book was everything I hoped it would be and more—and for that reason I think it is will be a testament of what is possible for people around the world.

Cyrus takes us into his humble beginnings and how music was the saving grace that took him from where he was, if only for the moment. He knew its power early on, and because he was true to it and respected it, he was able to use it to create a name and brand for himself. In the book we are able to see how it all really starts. He talks about having success as a ball player and the opportunities that it offered. There was something else, though, that was calling to him. He heard “the voice” letting him know what would be his destiny. “Buy a guitar and start a band,” it told him, and it was those words that would ignite the passion that eventually made him a household name.

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