REVIEW: Blindsided by the Walking Dead by IronE Singleton


It’s happened to all of us: that moment in our lives when we realized we are not being the best representation of ourselves or the person we were meant to be. At that moment of the revelation we are then faced with a choice. Will we just say that I have on choice but to remain “stuck” in my current situation or will I look for ways to move out of it to something better.

IronE Singleton chose the latter path, and it has led him to write a book that is not just powerful in the message of his success but what made it possible. BLINDSIDED BY THE WALKING DEAD takes you into a man’s life that is trying to make sense of who he is and where he is supposed to be. We are able to take a journey with IronE as he becomes a part of the criminal element of his community but also a man who is growing into his own. Along his path were people who loved and believed in him, but unfortunately that would not be enough. He had to get to a place where he could love and believe in himself, and want something that went beyond the temporary.

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