Media Personality Cyrus Webb Helps Individuals Share Their Stories Through Publishing Books

Since 2003 media personality Cyrus Webb has been using the platform that is Conversations LIVE to share the stories of individuals from around the world. Having interviewed over 8,700 guests over the airwaves, in February 2015 Webb started a new chapter of sharing stories by helping individuals write their stories in book form.

“I have always been a lover of books,” the 45-year old Mississippi native says. “I know the power of the written word, and it’s been great to help others who feel as though they have a story to tell to bring it to the world through their own book.”

Webb worked with author Herschel Dixon in publishing the children’s book A.J. AND THE TALENT SHOW and also assisted Mississippi authors in writing and publishing their books: Stephanie Mitchell (BELLA’S DANCING LESSON), Stanley Clark (STANDRIA’S BIG DREAM) and Montana Esco (THE STORY OF ESCO). In 2016 Webb began working with individuals in writing their memoirs, too, including Ramon Ferrell (Small Town, Big Dreams), Cheri Maree (Wealthy Woman’s Stew) and others.

“I want to do what I can based on what I’ve learned to help all that are interested in sharing their stories,” says Webb. In an effort to accomplish this he has developed this affordable yet effective program:

  • Webb charges a flat fee of $650 (50% deposit due at the time the project begins) to work with interested ones in writing their books along with them. The author retains all rights to the book and all profit from the book upon publishing. The only thing Webb gets is his fee.
  • After the book is written, the book is edited by a freelance editor on Webb’s team at no additional cost to the author.
  • After the book is fully designed and ready to be published, Webb works with the author to publish the book through, again with the understanding that the author retains all rights to the book and any profit derived from it.
  • After the book is published, Webb gives the author a month of free PR to help market the book. He also features them on his radio show Conversations LIVE, in the pages of Conversations Magazine and on his website at .

To contact Cyrus about starting your own project or for more information, contact him at Stay connected with him at

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