Cyrus Webb Creates Affordable Way to Promote Independent Authors and Artists

With over 7,200 guests already appearing on Conversations LIVE the radio show over the past 13 years—over 670 in 2016 alone—host Cyrus Webb has interviewed some of the biggest names in the arts, entertainment, and literary world. “It’s been amazing to see how they show has grown since this all began in July 2003,” says Webb, 41. “I am fortunate to host what has become a go-to platform for individuals with a story to tell.”

Along with that growth, however, has come the challenge of being able to still give a voice to independent authors and artists who are trying to share their work with the world. Not wanting to leave them behind, Webb has created an opportunity for them to promote themselves and their projects at a cost that is affordable and will add value to their brands.

Beginning Friday, December 2, 2016 Cyrus Webb will use the platform of his website to promote independent authors and artists and their work with an interview online and that will air on the radio dial in Mississippi on WYAD 94.1 FM, a write-up for and links to their projects. The ONE-TIME COST of this campaign is $150 and also includes Webb sharing the features of these individuals with his vast social media following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Those independent authors and artists or their representatives should contact Cyrus Webb by email at to begin their campaign and discuss other ways that Webb can use his growing audience to promote their work.

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