Cyrus Webb and Fetta offer discount on new solar power bank

Cyrus Webb and Fetta are excited to announce that they have partnered together to offer readers of, Conversations Magazine and listeners of Conversations LIVE and Conversations Radio Network 20% off their slick portable power bank now through July 10th.

“Fetta has created something that travels with you,” says Webb, host of Conversations LIVE Radio show and the Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine. “When I tried their charger for myself I was blown away. It stays ready no matter where you might be, being able to charge it using sunlight or even artificial light or your regular charging cord. I’m glad to endorse this product and share it with my audience.”

To get your own Fetta charger and take advantage of the discount visit the Amazon link here and at check-out use this promo code : SXJ9ULHU.

After getting the charger and trying it for yourself, Webb invites you to leave a review on Amazon so others can know your thoughts about the product. “The more we spread the word about things like this, the more we are able to keep people informed of cost-effective options out there,” he says.

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