Dr. Ish Major talks relationships, building a brand and “Ex Isle”

by Cyrus Webb

Since the 8th grade Dr. Ish Major has known that he had been given a gift to reach individuals and offer help to those who are dealing with relationships. Now as an author, motivational speaker and psychiatrist specializing in women, children and families he is able to touch individuals around the world.

On Friday Jan. 8th he will join host Carmen Electra on the new show “Ex Isle” on We TV at 10/9 central. The show tackles all that subjects that Ish has become known. The couples on “Ex Isle” will be given the tools and guidance to let go of the past and finally move towards building emotionally healthy and productive relationships. Producers of the show say that viewers will witness a transformational journey that will be “entertaining and relevant.”

Talking about the journey to where he is today, Ish told Conversations LIVE radio show the key for him as been “Staying true to the thing you really enjoy.” He adds: “Usually the thing that makes you the happiest is going to have something to do with helping other people. That’s my thing. Relationships are the biggest most important thing you are going to do in your life. If you can do that part right, then so many other things will look up and look rosy for you.”

Discussing “Ex Isle” Ish says it was an “absolutely amazing experience.” Growing up watching Carmen Electra he says it was great to work with her and that she’s a wonderful person.

Promos for the show have shown Ish giving some tough love to the couples, pushing for them to be honest. He believes that everything he has done up until this point has led to where he is today. “You got to stay true to the larger goal,” he says. “The goal for me has always been to build this platform where you have this voice where people know where to come to get help. I always felt like once I got older I wanted folks to have access to someone that could help them with relationships. I try to do one thing every single day to help move me forward.”

Stay connected with Ish at http://www.drishmajor.com. Find out more about the show “Ex Isle” at http://www.wetv.com/shows/ex-isle.

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