Conversations Magazine’s 25 Women Changing the World 2016

stephanie mills conversations mag feb march 2016
 For the third straight year Conversations Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Cyrus Webb is proud to recognize “25 Women Changing the World”, individuals who are excelling in various areas of the life and using their gifts to inspire others.


“This year’s roster is just as diverse as our previous lists,” says Webb, who decided in 2014 to begin recognizing women who had international platforms as well as those rising stars that were making a difference.


Profiles of each extraordinary woman will appear in the Feb./March 2016 issue of Conversations Magazine. All of this year’s honorees have been guests of Webb’s on Conversations LIVE radio show with the exception of Viola Davis, Diana Niyad and Adele, though Webb believes that is only a matter of time. “Nothing is impossible,” he says. “I never say never. Some things are just a matter of time.”


Without any further ado here is this year’s “25 Women Changing the World”:


  1. Stephanie Mills
  2. Dafna Michaelson Jenet
  3. Sarah Centrella
  4. Viola Davis
  5. Kenyetta “Kenni” York
  6. Jewel Kats
  7. Sarah Deakins
  8. Ellen Hopkins
  9. Sonia Chess
  10. Adele
  11. Joy Elan
  12. Abiola Abrams
  13. Diana Niyad
  14. Deborah Hightower
  15. Omegia Keeys
  16. Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow
  17. Holly Hurd
  18. Laura Dion-Jones
  19. Julie Geller
  20. Linda Bello Ruiz
  21. Judy San Roman
  22. Iris Bolling
  23. Laticia Nicole
  24. DJ LakeGang
  25. Polly Campbell



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