Cyrus Webb uses social media to share 60 Second Conversations with the world

After interviewing over 7,100 guests over the past 13 years on Conversations LIVE , media personality Cyrus Webb introduces a new way to catch some of his most powerful moments on the radio in less than a minute: Introducing 60 Second Conversations.

“With the popularity of social media and the ability to share information quickly I thought this was a great way to share some of the best moments of Conversations LIVE,” says Webb, 41. “Now whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube you can get these interviews and share them easily with your friends and supporters.”

With the launch of, Webb has pulled together interviews with actors, recording artists, thought leaders and individuals who have stopped by Conversations LIVE and his web-series Cyrus Webb Presents and made them easily accessible. Taking advantage of Instagram and Twitter’s ability to share 50-60 second videos, you can see and hear these powerful moments easily and share the ones you believe your network will appreciate. All of the clips are also available on Youtube, giving Webb another way to share them where people are.

Updated weekly is sure to be a go-to place for individuals who want to get great content in a concise way. For more information on projects that Webb is involved in visit

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