Cyrus Webb Brings Media Platforms to Los Angeles with #ConversationsLIVE

Mississippi native Cyrus Webb is a man who wears many hats. He’s known to many as an award-winning visual and spoken word artist, author, motivational speaker and publicist. In the entertainment industry, however, he is the host of Conversations LIVE the radio show, Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine and the host of the TV show/web-series Cyrus Webb Presents.

Since becoming host of Conversations LIVE Radio Show in July 2003 Webb has interviewed over 6,500 guests on the radio dial in the South and through online outlets, reaching over 1 million listeners. On the eve of the radio show turning 13 years old, Webb is preparing to make his first trip to the West Coast to bring his radio show, magazine and web-series with the world. From Feb. 12-16th he will be hosting Conversations LIVE LA (Los Angeles), interviewing some amazing talent on the radio show as well as on-camera as part of his tv show and web-series. During the week he will also be celebrating the release of his Feb./March issue of Conversations Magazine featuring 25 Women Changing the World.

“I’m excited about going to California,” Webb says. The native of Brandon, MS has never been so far West before but says the time has come. “I made 2 trips to New York in 2015, interviewing over 50 guests on-camera during that year. I’m ready to see what California has in store for me.”

Already Webb has lined up an impressive roster of recording artists, actors, directors, authors and more that will be sitting down with him on-camera for interviews. The list includes the following:

  1. Actress Tracey Birdsall
  2. Director James Cullen Bressack
  3. Actress/Singer Charlotte Rabin
  4. Actor Philip Boyd
  5. Actress Charlene Amoia
  6. Actor/Director Jared Cohn
  7. Actress Pandie Suicide
  8. Actor Jon Chaffin
  9. Actress Marilyn Ghigliotti
  10. Actor Dorien Wilson
  11. Miss Asia USA and actress Ashley Park
  12. Actress Ajala Bandele
  13. Director/Writer Gary Hardwick
  14. Actress/Entrepreneur Kristina Anapau
  15. Actress Lisa Wilcox
  16. Recording Artist MLN
  17. Author/Media Personality Rolanda Watts
  18. Actress Kristin Minter
  19. Directors Artii Smith and Phil Simon of Mansa Mojo Brothas
  20. Actor Darius Cotrrell
  21. Actor Lauran deWinter
  22. Actress Jessica Lindsey Gilbert
  23. Actress Katt Balsan
  24. Actress Aida King
  25. Director Jody Wheeler
  26. Actor Timo Descamps
  27. Author Vicki Adelson
  28. Writer/Director Christopher Showerman
  29. Paragon Pictures CEO Evan Crooke

During the visit to Los Angeles Webb will be using the hashtag #ConversationsLA on social media, allowing people to be a part of the journey through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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