Recording Artist Jason Little Shares “Heartbreak” of Following One’s Dream in Memoir

For anyone who has ever had a goal or dream for themselves and had their hopes dashed or felt discouraged, Jason Little has a message for you: Don’t give up.

A former member of the group Ol’Skool as well as a former background singer for Trey Songz, Jason has experienced the highs and lows that can come from wanting to find success in life, even finding himself homeless and disillusioned for a time. In his memoir SHARING THE HEARTBREAK: My Journey of Music, Life and Lessons Learned he talks about growing up in St. Louis, the impact of mental illness in the family and what it was like to find an escape first through martial arts, then break-dancing and singing.

“I think it’s time for me to share with others my story,” says Little, who now continues to pursue music as a solo artist. “A lot of times people think that this business is all about the bright lights, the videos and the songs on the radio. I want to share there is so much more involved, so much more that is at stake.”

Written with media personality and author Cyrus Webb, SHARING THE HEARTBREAK shows that anything worth having is worth sacrificing for, but everything has a price.

SHARING THE HEARTBREAK will be released on Tues. June 26th.

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