Children’s Books Co-Written by Cyrus Webb Get New Life as Audio Books


In 2015 media personality and author Cyrus Webb worked with several authors to co-write children’s books that were geared towards motivating and inspiring younger readers. Now as 2016 comes to a close, three of those titles are getting new life and finding new audiences as audio books.

“A.J. and the Talent Show” (co-written with author Herschel Dixon), “Bella’s Dancing Lesson” (co-written with author Stephanie Mitchell) and “Standria’s Big Dream” (co-written with author Stanley Clark) are now available on Narrated by voice-over artist Earl Hall, the messages can now be heard as well as read. “Physical books are my preferred way to read,” says Webb, “but I understand there are a growing number of individuals who are listening to books instead of being able to read them or like that as a way to compliment reading. I’m glad that the messages of these books can be at their disposal.”

Webb will be releasing another children’s book in November that will bring together many of the characters he has helped to create to address the issues of depression and divorce, two things that many young people are finding themselves dealing with. Plans are to have this book available as an audio book before the end of the year.

Links to the current books on are listed below. Cyrus Webb can be reached at or


A.J. and the Talent Show:

Bella’s Dancing Lesson:

Standria’s Big Dream:

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